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Our archive identifies and explores sources, and we work on several topic-related subprojects. Each subproject comprises a body of short biographies that can be accessed in the database via the respective search bar. Some selected biographies are available in English.


1. Subproject: Biographies of professionals

Our focus is on members of the medical and psychosocial professions in the field of psychiatry with an emphasis on clinical psychiatry, but we also consider influences from other fields and disciplines (e.g., administrators, sociologists, journalists, historians). Read more


2. Subproject: Biographies of patients

Patients’ biographies offer a “view from below” and add to a more complete picture of the history of psychiatry in terms of a participatory approach to historiography. In doing so, we have to acknowledge that the term “patient” is itself a social construction. Our focus is mainly on authors of autobiographies or first-person accounts as well as on artists. Accounts by relatives and other close associates are relatively rare and definitely a topic for future research. Read more


3. Other subprojects

There already exist subprojects on Art and Psychiatry, Psychiatry in Nazi Germany and Psychiatric Social Work. The database offers a basic stock of short biographies and biograms for each subtopic. The Art and Psychiatry search box is differentiated by genre.